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Sell Your House Quicker With Tankless Water Heater

Sell your home quicker with a tankless water heaterAccording to the Washington Post, here are some keywords that can help you sell your house quicker and get a higher price.

Zillow Digs analyzed house descriptions for more than 2 million homes that sold to see what keywords garnered a higher sale price and which ones sold faster. They found that “surprisingly, listings mentioning “barn doors” — those rustic-style sliding doors used on bedroom closets and pantries, sold 13.4 percent higher than their expected home value and 57 days faster than expected. Some of the other high-impact phrases that caused homes to sell for a higher price include “shaker cabinet” (9.6 percent higher price), “farmhouse sink” (7.9 percent) and “subway tile” (6.9 percent.) Other phrases include “quartz” (50 days faster), “pendant light” (48 days), “backsplash” (46 days) and “tankless water heater” (43 days).”

If you’re trying to sell your home or you’re researching a new water heater, choosing a tankless water heater may benefit you in the long run by selling your home 43 days sooner than if you had a traditional water heater. Something to consider when every day on the market impacts your bottom dollar! Want more information about going tankless? Give us a call! (334) 279-8989

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