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Protect Your Home’s Septic Tank in Alabama

It’s important to take care of your septic tank, it is an affordable way to dispose of waste. Septic tanks help with the removal of wastewater from your home and keep it from polluting groundwater or seeping into the soil. When septic systems become damaged, it can lead to flooding or pooling muddy water causing damage to the structure of your home. Here we will outline some tips on how to care for your septic tank in Alabama so that you can protect its quality and integrity!

Does This Apply To You

Almost a quarter of homes in America have septic tanks, it may be possible that you have one too. A few ways to tell if you have one are if you use well water, your waterline doesn’t have a meter, and if your neighbors have one. Septic Tanks in Alabama or in general work in one way. There is a drain pipe underneath your home that flows into the giant septic tank underneath your home or yard. The tank is occasionally excavated by a septic plumber twice a year.

Caring For Your Septic Tank

Keeping your septic system maintained with regular maintenance will prevent small and large problems from occurring. Like sewage spilling over your yard or in your home due to overflow or lines being clogged. Have a plumbing inspector check your lines once every three years at a minimum to make sure you don’t wait too long.

Best practices for your Septic system

Make sure you flush human waste and toilet paper down the line but don’t flush female products or things like baby wipes down the drain. It’s important not to flush chemicals either since they can inhibit the natural breakdown of sewage in your tank or harm your nearby environment if they leak from your tank. Try to limit the use of your garbage disposal as much as possible since it sends a slurry of cut-up food into your tank causing it to fill up faster.


Don’t take a chance on your septic tanks condition! You should have it inspected by a professional every few years to make sure the water and waste stays inside of it and doesn’t seep out. We can help with this service – our team will come out and give you an honest assessment as well as some maintenance tips so that you never experience any problems again. Do you think we might be able to offer assistance? Give us a call or send us an email today!

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