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Help! My Fridge is Leaking Water In Alabama: What Could Be the case?

It’s not uncommon for fridge doors to be leaking water. Especially if you live in a humid climate in Alabama and the fridge is getting rusty, there may be a problem with your fridge. But it could also be that something as simple as overflow from the freezer compartment has occurred which caused some water to leak out of your fridge door. There are many other reasons why refrigerators can develop leaks, so we have listed a few of them below!

Blocked Defrost Drain

Check your defrost drain pipe to see if you have a clogged line from debris. To make sure your defrost drain hole is maintained occasionally clean behind your fridge from time to time. For an at-home fix try using a turkey baster and flush the drain hole with warm water. If this isn’t enough- try using a pipe cleaner. Then clean the drain with warm water and soap to help break down debris. Make sure your defrost drain has a clear flow of air.

Water Supply Line Is Frozen

If it wasn’t the blocked defrost drain then most likely it’s the water supply line and can also affect the fridge’s ice harvest. by inspecting the water supply line you are looking for any breakage or cuts within the line. Once you spot the breakage in the line you can easily replace the hose and fitting by buying parts from a nearby hardware store and installing it yourself. The fittings don’t require much strength to tighten so you won’t need a hydraulic wrench or anything of the sort. If there isn’t any breakage but you spot a translucent blockage then the culprit is ice. to fix this just unplug your fridge for two hours and the ice should have melted from the line. Remember to remove all your goods into an ice chest in the meantime so your produce does not spoil.


If your fridge is leaking water, there are a number of reasons why. If you spot any blockages in the fridge’s supply line or if the fridge hasn’t been defrosted for some time and it has developed ice buildup then these may be potential causes to consider when troubleshooting this issue. For more information on how to fix leaks from your fridge contact our team today!

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