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7 Simple Strategies to Prevent Clogging in Your Home

plumbing tricks for your home so you don't have to keep your plumber on speed dial. Having these simple habits will prevent any unnecessary calls to your plumber due to unforeseen clogging or worse!

Here are some plumbing tricks for your home so you don’t have to keep your plumber on speed dial. Having these simple habits will prevent any unnecessary calls to your plumber due to unforeseen clogging or worse!

1. Flush your toilet every day!

I know this one sounds like a simple (duhhhhhhhhh of course I flush every day!) then this simple trick isn’t for you and that’s ok. This tip is for those that forget to flush after using lol. Or those that aren’t always using the bathroom in their office or place of business. Small actions like these make sure no sediments get stuck underneath your lines for too long. that’s how clogs start so just make it a habit to flush at least once a day.

2. Keep food and other objects away from the drain – they can clog up the pipes if left there too long.

Intuitively disposing of your food

Dropping food into your sink drain should be a scary sight for you. Since your sink may clog over time from the additional sewage. If you find that your disposal is stuck or won’t turn on. Don’t fret this is a fairly manageable problem to solve. First, If your disposal gets clogged disconnect your source of electricity and dig-out any particulates with a plumbers snake. After, crank the manual lever underneath your disposal to push out any stuck particulates. Reconnect your power and turn on your disposal. That should save you from calling the plumber.

3. Use a plunger to unclog toilets, sinks, or tubs that are blocked with residue from food or other materials

Would you believe that plungers are not just for toilets! They can be very useful when attempting to unclog the sink. Begin by filling up a bucket with hot water, and use it to fill your sink until it is about 1/4 or 1/2 of the way full. Positioning your plunger over your drain, work quickly on pushing and pulling back down again in circular motions using a plunger swiftly onto an open hole at once – this should dislodge any clogs instantly so they go away fast without much hassle either! It may take some time if it’s been too long since maintenance was last done but don’t give up yet: keep going as necessary till all pipes are clear out there

4. Clean out your garbage disposal regularly to avoid odors and leaks around the sink

Increase the lifespan of your garbage disposal by cleaning out all its nasty bits. Don’t worry about always reaching down the disposal with your hands. Use salt/boiling water for a quick and cheap clean. alternatively, you can do the same with a combination of baking and white vinegar. Give it a try and see how your pipes perform!

5. Get in touch with a plumber before you start any projects involving water near drains, like painting walls or washing windows

Always best to get a professional’s approval especially from those that you trust. that’s why at Scanlon Plumbing we are more interested in you being a part of our family. We take the effort to write blogs & communicate any concerns that you may have because we want to be that plumber friend you didn’t know that you needed.

6. If you have a leak, turn off the water at the source and call for help

any leaks are hard to fix on your own. Any fixes may actually worsen the issue since leaks may be due to ruptured pipes or an old gasket. all of which are fixes that require specific repairs or replacements. Fixes which a trained professional is ready to deal with

7. Check your pipes for leaks and make sure they’re not aging beyond their lifespan

Check for rust or speak to us the check on the quality of your pipes. Some fixes hear and there will go a long way in making sure that your home isn’t dealing with leaks or clogs anytime soon

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